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It was Tet, the Asian lunar New Year, the Year of The Latest Mailing Database Monkey. It was the beginning of the inexorable end for America in Vietnam. No Rules In “Disneyland East” Weeks later, after the clean-up, the tree lined streets of the sultry city retained their French colonial appearance. Outdoor cafes on leafy streets once again resounded with the Latest Mailing Database laughter of young South Vietnamese men whose politically privileged parents kept them out of the war. Visitors continued to enjoy their aperitifs on the river’s idyllic floating restaurants. The Latest Mailing Database sidewalks of TuDo Street teemed with merchants chanting their mantra: "

Hey GI, for you I sell special-cheap, cheap!" But every day that Latest Mailing Database followed Tet, more ragged refugees and orphans poured into the city. More slick drug dealers prospered. More young GI’s on R&R were no longer young. Never mind that the goods sold on the street were stolen from the American Commissary and PX. More often than not, American Latest Mailing Database products were pilfered right off the loading docks at riverside. Those who were not fighting the war were prospering from it. The resilient city went about its daily commerce while Latest Mailing Database millions of Vietnamese on both sides died, and 58,220 American body bags came home, including eight nurses. U.S. Government contractor employees strutted around town with guns in their holsters.

One night at a party in a friend’s private house, one of Latest Mailing Database those “Saigon Cowboys” drove his motorcycle up the marble staircase and right into the host’s living room. This bizarre environment became known as “Disneyland East.” Drugs were Latest Mailing Database ubiquitous and anything could be had for a price. The GIs bought sex from Miss Saigon. The South Vietnamese bought time. The Vietcong could not be bought. Collateral Damage I Latest Mailing Database often rode to work in one of our minivans or took a pedicab. A consummate New Yorker, I find walking is the best way to know a city. When on foot we were advised not to take the same route every day.